Bringing Color to 300M People

MONDAY, MARCH 30, 2015

A new technology partnership and awareness campaign by Valspar Corp. aims to color the gray worlds of millions of people with colorblindness.

The Minneapolis-based paint and coating maker has launched “Color For All” in partnership with California-based EnChroma, a manufacturer of color blindness correcting glasses.

According to the companies, 300 million people around the world are colorblind. Many of them are unable to see the difference between red and green.

Sharing Color Stories

As a part of the initiative, Valspar produced a short documentary film, Color for the Colorblind, that shares personal stories from four individuals and their reactions to experiencing color for the first time.

One of the men featured in the video is able to see his son's colorful drawings for the first time. A woman talks about how she was ridiculed for not being able to distinguish "girly colors."

Those who are colorblind or affected by color blindness are invited to share their own stories with #ColorForAll or at

Nearly 300 million people worldwide are colorblind, many of them seeing the top two traffic lights as they appear in the bottom row. Valspar has a new partnership with EnChroma, a manufacturer of color blindness correcting glasses.

Some of those submitting stories will receive EnChroma glasses, courtesy of Valspar. The glasses retail for $325 to $405 a pair on EnChroma's website.

Additionally, Valspar will be working with art museums across the country to offer the glasses to visitors, the company says.

The Impact of Color

"As a company deeply rooted in color, Valspar believes that everyone deserves to see and appreciate the experience that color brings to life," said Joel Wasserman, director of Brand Integration at Valspar.

"Most people don't know what it's like to live in a muted world. We're dedicated to making a change for the better and igniting a conversation around the impact of color."

A free color blindness test is available on Enchroma’s website.


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