Bidders Sought for Water Tank Painting


Coating proposals are invited for a 250,000-gallon elevated water storage tank in Marysville, KS.

Work on the 141-foot-tall water tower will involve cleaning and coating interior and exterior surfaces, as well as applying the town logo.

Bids are due March 11.

Scope of Work

This project includes base bids plus an alternate for cleaning and coating interior and exterior tank surfaces.

The base bid includes abrasive blast-cleaning all interior tank surfaces to a Near-White finish (SSPC-SP 10), followed by applying a zinc-rich aromatic urethane primer coat. Interior wet surfaces will then be painted with two coats of polyamidoamine epoxy, while interior dry surfaces will receive only a finish coat.

Under the base bid, the exterior will be hand tool-cleaned to SSPC-SP 2 and coated with a universal primer and two coats of dry-fall aluminum top coat. The contractor will also apply a logo using an advanced thermoset solution fluoropolymer coating.

The project alternate calls for abrasive blast-cleaning the tank’s exterior to a Commercial finish (SSPC-SP 6) and substitutes a three-coat zinc-urethane-fluoropolymer system. The logo would still be applied using a fluoropolymer coating if the alternate is exercised.

Other Requirements

Analysis of the existing exterior paint system indicates a limited lead presence, but not enough to require containment. However, the specifications note that the contractor should include all special precautions, protective measures, additional testing and other required measures to safely remove and dispose of the exterior paint system.

The contractor is also responsible for disinfecting the tank after the curing period for the exterior and interior finish coats.

In addition to painting work, the contract includes removing antennas, draining the tank, performing electrical modifications, replacing floodlights, and installing handrails.

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