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Fire protection, pipeline integrity and other critical structural issues depend on choosing the right protective coating system—decisions informed by new, free technical resources from JPCL.

Specialty Function Coating Systems and Transmission Pipeline Coating Systems feature in-depth technical articles and guidance on selecting and sourcing protective coatings for those applications. The two eBooks are the latest in a new series released by JPCL publisher Technology Publishing Co.

The entire series, as well as other technical reference materials, is available via free download from The PaintSquare Store.

Specialty Function Coating Systems

This eBook features a JPCL article that describes how intumescent coatings can provide passive fire protection in many structure types, including offshore construction, ships and commercial buildings.

The coatings work by swelling up in the event of fire and creating a physical barrier between the steel and the fire for up to three hours. Such coatings can thus delay the time it takes steel to reach the temperature at which it loses structural strength.

The volume also includes JPCL Buying Guide data on selecting and specifying a variety of specialty coatings, including:

  • Anti-graffiti products for concrete and steel;
  • Fire-resistive and heat-resistant coatings;
  • Concrete surfacing materials;
  • Antifoulant and foulant release coatings for concrete and steel; and
  • Conversion coatings.

Transmission Pipeline Coating Systems

This eBook features an article by technical experts from Bayer MaterialScience AG on "Improving Polyurethane Pipe Coatings for Harsh Conditions."

The article notes the growing importance of liquid polyurethanes as external coatings for oil and gas pipelines, in both new construction and maintenance work.

The authors discuss coating application properties, curing time and reactivity, mechanical properties, development and testing; they also examine a new class of raw materials developed to meet higher catholic disbondment requirements.

Courtesy Bayer MaterialScience AG

"Improving Polyurethane Pipe Coatings for Harsh Conditions" discusses a new class of raw materials for these coating systems.

The volume also includes JPCL Buying Guide data on selecting and specifying coatings for transmission pipelines.

All information is based on the original dates of publication of these materials in JPCL.

The JPCL Buying Guide is organized by exposure types and substrates. Coating manufacturers are listed in alphabetical order, with each company's preferred system named in both proprietary and generic terms. Contact information is provided for all companies.

About the Series

The new JPCL Buying Guide series also includes these free volumes:

The eBook collections are designed to provide general guidance on selecting and specifying coatings, as well as information on sources to acquire the appropriate systems.

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Other titles in the JPCL eBook series include Bridge Coating Systems.

Full search information is available at PaintSquare's online Buying Guide.

Download Specialty Function Coating Systems: Selecting and Sourcing.

Download Transmission Pipeline Coating Systems: Selecting and Sourcing.



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