Construction Workers: Look, Don't Talk


Passing a construction site? Please do not talk to, ogle or whistle at the workers, a new survey says.

Forever maligned as wolves in hardhats to passing women, construction workers now say they are tired of being treated like sex objects.

Sort of.


A famous Diet Coke commercial of yore showed the plight of the ogled hardhat.

In a recent survey of nearly 500 construction workers, 42 percent called "being ogled or chatted up by passers-by" the most annoying habit of the general public, reports The Telegraph.

On the other hand, only 21 percent of the general public surveyed by the same firm considered ogling or chatting up the workers' worst habit. Nearly one in four, however, complained about "revealing builders' bums" on construction sites.

(The survey, by an insurance company called, did not reconcile the complaint about revealing bums with the ogling denials, and the company did not respond to a request for more information.)

No Letches Here

Most workers (73 percent) said they "consciously made an effort to behave more appropriately when on a building site viewable to the general public," and 25 percent complained that they were "wrongly perceived as a letch."

The survey included laborers, electricians, plumbers and carpenters.

"It sometimes seems in the UK as though the stereotype of construction workers is that they are all rude, un-educated, and intent on showing their bum-cracks off," constructaquote CEO Lyndon Wood told The Telegraph.

"We wanted to put an end to this quite frankly ridiculous perception.

"Sometimes the passers-by are actually a problem to the construction industry, rather than vice versa."


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