Corrosion Control Gets a Greener Shot


Rust removers, vapor corrosion inhibitors, cleaners, degreasers and other corrosion control products are now available in an environmentally friendly spray can from Cortec Corp.

The new, wide-ranging EcoAir line offers a complete range of compressed-air-powered, water-based spray can products. Cortec calls the line "fast-acting, economical, dependable and safe to handle."

A first for Cortec, the cans are powered by compressed air rather than chemical propellants.

The line features these products:

  • EcoAir BioCorr
  • EcoAir Cleaner/Degreaser, VpCI-414
  • EcoAir Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor/Fogger, VpCI-337
  • EcoAir Corrosion Preventative, VpCI-377
  • EcoAir Non-Toxic Rust Remover, VpCI-422 & 423
  • EcoAir Eco Tire Duragloss

Safety, Recyclability


EcoAir  products can spray in any direction, including down, and are safe to ship and store, according to Cortec. The safety improvements are reflected in the HMIS (Hazardous Materials Identification System)  ratings chart for each product. The aluminum can is completely recyclable.

Cortec EcoAir

EcoAir Corrosion Preventative VpCI-377 is designed for multimetial indoor corrosion protection. The EcoAir spray line uses no chemical propellants.

EcoAir products use a four-layer EcoPouch inserted into a can that is then pressurized. The EcoPouch is then filled with the liquid. As the valve is depressed, the surrounding pressure expels the bag’s fluids.

The product line does not contain propellants, CFCs, or HCFCs. The products are formulated with biodegradable, nonpolluting ingredients and are non-flammable.

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