China Floats Plan for City on Water

FRIDAY, MAY 23, 2014

Out to preserve dwindling landmass amid a burgeoning population, designers in China have proposed a new city on the water.

The project, “Floating City,” is a floating island with an area of four square miles, AT Design Office announced in a press release.

The design involves a series of prefabricated hexagonal modules that “tessellate” to create necessary infrastructure for the city, according to a report in Dezeen.

City Features

Features of the science-fiction-like concept include:

  • A network of yachts and submarines;
  • Underground tunnels for roads and walkways;
  • Floating hotel;
  • Entertainment complex;
  • Green spaces (both above and below the water);
  • Farms and hatcheries;
  • Rubbish collection facilities; and
  • A massive cruise dock.

Reports say the China Communications Construction Company, a massive infrastructure concern owned by the Chinese government, commissioned the design concept.

Floating City
AT Design Office

“Environmental impact and the improvements of health and social conditions for human habitat should be the main concerns of new urban design and development,” according to AT Design.

The CCCC is no stranger to underwater development. The company recently built a 31-mile cross-sea bridge (to connect Hong Kong, Zhuha and Macau in Southeast Asia) that features an artificial island to support cargo, inspection and passenger clearance facilities for the mega-bridge.

Reports say a Chinese investment company is reviewing the “Floating City” proposal for a possible small scale project next year.

Floating Architecture on the Rise

Rising sea levels have inspired many architects and urban planners around the world to consider aqua-architecture.

This report highlights a few of the visions of the Dutch firm Waterstudio.NL. The firm's owner, Koen Olthuis, is described as a leader in floating architecture. He recently gave a TEDX talk in which he discusses the "Top 10 Trends Torward Floating Cities."


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