New Coatings Demand New Credentials


Commercial coatings technology is advancing faster than the skills of the painters who apply it, stepping up the need for applicator certification and training, says the man who is leading that charge.

Today's functional coatings are an integral part of the building system and must be properly applied to function as designed, according to Jeff Theo, vice president of business development at Vulcan Painters, of Bessemer, AL.

As the chair of SSPC’s commercial contractor certification subcommittee, Theo is involved in the development of SSPC-ACS 1, “Application Certification Standard 1,” as well as the revisions to SSPC-QP-9, “Standard for Evaluating Qualifications of Paint Contractors Who Apply Architectural Coatings.”

Last week, Theo made his case for certification and training at D+D 2014. He also recently discussed the topic  with Durability + Design in this video.

Traditional contractors who do commercial coating work are predominantly “brush and roll” painters and “are not ready to handle the new technology,” Theo said.

“They need a source for training and new business practices to ensure that the coatings are applied properly.”

Who Benefits?

Advancement in coatings technology is running years ahead of the development of the skill required to put them on, Theo says.

Creating a body of knowledge, qualifications and certification standards for the workforce will provide a number of benefits to the industry, he adds.

Jeff Theo was among the presenters who received a warm welcome last week at the D+D 2014 Conference and Expo in Cincinnati, OH.

“First, the industry is going to get a more qualified workforce. The specifiers are going to get assurance that the products they specify are put on properly. The buildings are going to work as [designed].

“More importantly, it’s a great new career opportunity for high school and younger people who may not think of a trade as a viable means of employment in the future,” Theo said.

D+D 2014 Presentation

At D+D 2014, Theo presented “Building a Case for Commercial Contractor and Applicator Certifications.”

There, he explained the benefits of certification for contractors and applicators and the benefits of specifying these standards for owners, specifiers and coating suppliers.


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