Coating Made to Repel Water, Abrasion


NEI Corporation has introduced a functionally graded, superhydrophobic coating with enhanced abrasion resistance for a variety of substrates.

Surfaces treated with NEI's new Nanomyte SuperCN Plus force liquids to bead up and roll off, shedding water instantly and leaving the surface completely dry, according to Someset, NJ-based NEI.

SuperCN Plus can be applied to a variety of substrate materials, including plastics, metals, glass, painted surfaces, and fabrics.

Features and Functions

According to NEI, Nanomyte SuperCN Plus consists of a hard, abrasion-resistant outer layer that transitions to a softer material closer to the substrate. The company says the "functionally graded" coating sets it apart from relatively soft "monolithic" superhydrophic coatings that are more easily abraded.

Superhydrophobic coatings rely on creating and maintaining a composite of micro and nano-sized surface structures that work together to trap a layer of air that can repel most liquids. "Due to the graded structure, SuperCN Plus maintains its superhydrophobicity and high contact angle even after moderate damage," NEI says.

Nanomyte SuperCN-Plus

NEI says surfaces treated with SuperCN Plus show water contact angles up to 165°.

The coating is also designed to provide good adhesion.

NEI says surfaces treated with SuperCN Plus "show water contact angles as high as 165°." After moderate abrasion in testing, the product retains contact angles over 158°, the manufacturer says.

NEI is offering in-house coating services for industrial applications that allow customers to submit parts of any geometry and size for coating. The coating process can also be transferred to the OEM site.

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