Cement Line Offers Paint Alternatives


Cresco Concrete Products LLC has launched Premocoat, a new line of cement-based coatings for masonry, stucco and EIFS surfaces.

The suite of products offer an alternative to painting and staining concrete surfaces, according to the Houston-based manufacturer.

Coating for Masonry

Premocoat includes Microrender, a Portland-cement-based coating designed for masonry surfaces.

Microrender is available as a fine dry powder in white, gray or a specified color. With the addition of water, the product can be applied by brush, roller or spray.

A single coating provides a semi-transparent stain, while two coats gives a more opaque “paint-like appearance,” the company says.

If applied to incompletely cured concrete substrates, Microrender will cure along with the concrete, resulting in a stronger bond and better durability, the company adds.

The product is low-VOC, offers UV resistance, and color fastness with the inorganic pigments used in the colored product, the company says.

Stucco Product

The new line also includes Premocoat Base, a one-component, polymer-modified, thin, two-coat stucco. It can be used for finishing walls, leveling uneven substrates, and repairing concrete surfaces, Cresco says.

The product is designed to provide excellent adhesion, crack bridging properties, hardness and moisture resistance, the company says.

It is available in a white or gray base powder with the option to add color.

Surface Bonding Cement

Premocoat also features SBC, a polymer-modified, fiber-reinforced, one-component surface bonding cement. 

Cresco says the product meets ASTM C926 requirements for stucco and can be applied up to 5/8” thick to masonry surfaces.

The product can be used to finish walls, adding significantly to their structural rigidity, the company says. SBC can also be used for decorative stampable overlays.

EIFS Finish

Premocoat EIFS Finish, a cement-based, polymer modified, one component powder, is formulated to provide a fine-troweled finish to Exterior Insulation Finishing Systems (EIFS).

The product is available in gray, white or color.

Bonder and Sealer

Cresco’s line also includes Premocoat Bonder and Premocoat Sealer.

The bonder can be used as an adhesion promoter for cement-based coatings and as an admixture to enhance UV and moisture resistance, the company says.

The clear acrylic sealer is used to enhance the moisture resistance of finished cementitous surfaces or for making colored surfaces more vibrant and glossy.

More information: www.CrescoConcrete.com.


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