Rooftop Coating Targets Bacteria


Garland Roofing has launched Clear-Shield Rx, a water-based, roof coating system designed to provide antimicrobial protection for healthcare facilities, schools and other occupant-sensitive environments.

Clear-Shield Rx is a clear-acrylic, non-toxic coating formulated to provide at least one year of antimicrobial protection, according to the manufacturer.

It reportedly resists bacterial and fungal growth on the applied surface, reducing the rate at which the surface will discolor or deteriorate, as well as decreasing the quantity of rooftop contaminants entering air intakes.

Microorganisms on a rooftop can cause many problems, including contaminating indoor air quality and causing foul odors, the company said in announcing the new coating. The microorganisms can also discolor, corrode, and shorten the service life of a roof, Garland says.

Other Characteristics, Applications

The transparent and durable antimicrobial film can be applied to various roof systems, including gravel-surfaced modified bitumen, smooth-surfaced modified bitumen, and single ply roofing, according to Garland.

Clear-Shield Rx can be used on most non-metal rooftops that are not subject to ponding conditions, the company explains.

Garland Roof coatings

Garland says the coating system features protective properties designed specifically to reduce the types of bacterial growth most likely to discolor and deteriorate rooftops made of organic materials.

Once applied, the bonded antimicrobial film is non-leaching, nonvolatile, odorless and colorless, and produces virtually no chemical vapors, the company adds.

Clear-Shield Rx is safe for use around people, animals, and plants and is easy-to-apply with rollers or a pump spray, the company says.

Company Notice

In its product release, the company noted that it has not claimed, nor should any claims be inferred, that the coating is particularly intended to "neutralize or control microorganisms directly or indirectly infectious or pathogenic to humans or animals."

“Its protective properties are designed specifically to reduce the types of bacterial growth most likely to discolor and deteriorate rooftops made of organic materials, thereby improving interior air quality in relation to those types of bacteria,” the company says.

The Garland Company Inc., headquartered in Cleveland, OH, manufactures high-performance roofing and building maintenance products for the commercial, industrial and institutional markets.

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