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Scholarship, Service Take SSPC Awards


SAN ANTONIO—A scholarly yet sassy examination of the "nether world" of Corrosion Under Insulation took the 2013 Outstanding Publication Award on the opening day of SSPC 2013.

When Undercover Agents Can’t Stand the Heat: Coatings in Action (CIA) and the Netherworld of Corrosion Under Insulation” led the papers honored at SSPC's Annual Meeting and Awards Luncheon in San Antonio, TX.

The JPCL Editors' Awards and SSPC achievement awards, both presented at the meeting, recognized outstanding scholarship and contributions.

Not That CIA

In presenting the Outstanding Publication Award, JPCL editor-in-chief Karen Kapsanis praised the paper, while joking that the authors' repeated use of the acronym CIA (for Coatings in Action) made her uneasy as she contemplated government search engines prowling it.

Mike O'Donoghue, Ph.D., of International Paint, and a team of authors wrote the 2013 SSPC Outstanding Publication, “When Undercover Agents Can’t Stand the Heat: Coatings in Action (CIA) and the Netherworld of Corrosion Under Insulation.

Mike O'Donoghue, Ph.D., of International Paint, and a team of authors wrote the 2013 SSPC Outstanding Publication, “When Undercover Agents Can’t Stand the Heat: Coatings in Action (CIA) and the Netherworld of Corrosion Under Insulation.

The article, published in the February 2012 JPCL, explores the results of a series of accelerated laboratory tests designed to evaluate the performance and corrosion resistance of ultra-high-heat-resistant coatings applied under insulation. The authors also use some case histories to conclude that performance is greatly dependent on the coating agent and the operation temperature.

The paper was written by a team of authors from International Paint LLC and RAE Engineering and Inspection Ltd. Mike O'Donoghue, Ph.D., of International Paint, led the team. It was the fifth Outstanding Publication Award for O'Donoghue, who was also a 2012 JPCL Top Thinker.

JPCL Editors' Awards

The award-winning JPCL articles serve as essential reference points for many important issues that arise across the protective coatings field. These other papers were also honored Monday:

Maintain to Sustain

Fred Goodwin's article on concrete maintenance, durability and sustainability received a JPCL Editors' Award.

Concrete Maintenance: Maintain to Sustain,” by Fred Goodwin of BASF Corp. Construction Chemicals, discusses concrete durability, factors that may affect durability and concrete sustainability, and the importance of maintenance. The article appeared in the January 2012 issue of JPCL.

This is the third JPCL Editors' Award for Goodwin, who was also named a 2012 Top Thinker.

"Field Performance of Polysiloxanes: An Inspector’s View," by consultant Lee Wilson, lays out the pros and cons of using polysiloxanes (otherwise known as hybrid protective coatings) from a coatings inspector’s point of view. Wilson, another 2012 Top Thinker, explains the technology behind polysiloxanes, some problems encountered during field application, and the possible future for polysiloxane technology.

Issues That Do Not Meet The Eye: Design Considerations for Lining Concrete Sludge Mixing and Storage Tanks in Wastewater Treatment Plants,” by JPCL Top Thinker Randy Nixon, covers the design considerations and other factors of selecting a proper protective lining system for concrete sludge mixing and storage tanks at wastewater treatment plants, including evaluation methods, surface preparation decisions, tank geometry, and high external ground water conditions around the tanks. Nixon is Senior Consultant with Corrosion Probe Inc.

Alison Kaelin Randy Nixon

JPCL Top Thinkers Alison Kaelin, Lee Wilson (center), and Randy Nixon received JPCL Editors' Awards.

Rapid Prep, LLC
TMI Coatings, Inc.

Enforcing Regulations in Steel Fabrication and Coatings Shops,” by Top Thinker Alison B. Kaelin, CQA, KTA-Tator Inc., addresses some of the health and safety regulations that apply to steel fabrication, coating shops, and galvanizing operations. She describes the standards and enforcement activities and points out some of the most frequently cited violations at shops.

Relining Potable Water Tanks: Research and Field Work” discusses options for lining above-ground potable water storage tanks and gives advice for choosing a lining system with maximum strength, flexibility, and resistance to and compatibility with water. The authors also examine issues that arose during a 2005 tank lining job in Australia and the results of the most recent five-year inspection.The authors include Top Thinker R.A. Francis, Ph.D., of Aurecon.

SSPC Awards

Modern Safety Techniques
APV Engineered Coatings

SSPC also presented the following individual achievement awards Monday:

David Boyd, chairman of the board of Vulcan Painters Inc., was named an Honorary Life Member of SSPC, an honor granted to an individual for extraordinary long-term activity on behalf of the organization.

Doni Riddle, of The Sherwin-Williams Company, received the John D. Keane Award of Merit, which recognizes outstanding leadership and significant contributions to the development of the protective coatings industry and to SSPC.

Just Like New Overspray Management
Seymour Midwest
David Boyd Lydia Frenzel Dudley Primeaux

David Boyd (left) was named an Honorary Life Member of SSPC. Lydia Frenzel, Ph.D., received the 2013 Technical Achievement Award, and Dudley Primeaux II was honored with the Coatings Education Award.

Lydia Frenzel, Ph.D, a longtime force in the waterjetting industry, received the Technical Achievement Award for outstanding service, leadership and contributions to the SSPC technical committees and other special technical functions.

Polyurea expert Dudley Primeaux II, of Dudley Primeaux Associates, received the Coatings Education Award, which recognizes significant developments in the dissemination of educational and technical information relating to protective coatings and their application.

Tarps manufacturing, Inc.
NLB Corporation

Full details on these and other SSPC 2013 winners will appear in a forthcoming issue of JPCL.


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