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Paint Prevents Scorpions from Entering Homes


A paint developed by two Arizona dads recently secured a deal on the television series Shark Tank, with hopes to keep crawling critters like scorpions out of houses.

Co-founders Tony Gonzales and Aaron Gonzales created the barrier system to prevent crawling pests, including spiders, cockroaches, scorpions, ants and rodents, from entering homes and businesses, protecting those inside.

About the Coating

Slick Barrier is a patented clear coating that dries to create a nonstick surface. It is slippery enough that, when applied to the exterior of buildings, inspects and rodents cannot climb up the smooth surface.

The coating is reportedly pesticide-free, making it safe for children and pets once dry. It also is reportedly easy to apply on surfaces such as brick, concrete and stucco. Aaron Gonzales noted that it takes only two coats placed on the foundation of a home for it to work.

“It’s basically just a paint coating,” said Tony Gonzales. “It goes on the foundation of your home, and it dries like glass, which is what we want. If you have scorpions and other insects, like spiders or roaches, they can’t get their claws into that coating, so they can’t climb up.”

The idea for the product came from a close call, as Tony’s four-year-old son was stung by a scorpion and almost died in their family home several years ago. While he made a full recovery, the dad began looking for ways to keep the dangerous arachnid out of their house.

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Aaron encountered a similar problem after purchasing their Arizona home, finding it infested with Arizona Bark Scorpions. He himself was stung, and the parents became concerned for the safety of their own toddler.

The Gonzaleses, who were childhood friends, then decided to team up to work together and create a product that they were both looking for. Formulated through collaboration with a chemist, the paint reportedly underwent several tests through multiple universities to prove its effectiveness.

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The duo began selling it in cans to pest-control companies at the end of 2021. Tony and Aaron said that over the last two years, over 5,000 homes in the area have used it. Then, in 2022, they were asked to come out and pitch their idea on Shark Tank after applying to get on the show.

“We think our product should be used on every home, especially in Arizona,” said Tony. “You should be able to walk around barefoot and not have to worry about leaving boxes out or have a fear about having an exposure to any sort of insect out there. It gives you reassurance but it also works.”

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The episode, which aired on Jan. 27, featured a demonstration with brick painted with Slick Barrier and a tank full of scorpions. As none of the scorpions climbed up the brick, the invention secured a deal with Shark Lori Greiner.

“On the show, they do a great job of making it all make sense and having it all nice and easy to digest. But, when you're up there, it is competitive. Those sharks are competitive with each other,” said Aaron.

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Paint kits are available to purchase online, as well as in Bug and Weed Mart retail locations. Professional installation is also available in Arizona and Nevada.

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