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American Coatings Event Celebrates 'Major' Success


Earlier this month, the 2024 American Coatings Show saw over 9,000 total participants with a total of 588 exhibitors in over 138,800 square feet of exhibit space to network and establish new business connections.

According to the American Coatings Association and Vincentz Network, exhibits at the event, held April 30 to May 2 in Indianapolis, were met “with enthusiasm and unparalleled engagement for their impressive displays and instructive product demonstrations.”

“Building on more than a decade of success for this award-winning industry event that has become a major platform for companies to showcase products and conduct business, we were so pleased with the turnout and feedback from attendees who value the learning and networking experiences the event brings,” said Cheryl Matthews, Senior Vice President of Events and Expositions for the American Coatings Association.

Additionally, the concurrent American Coatings Conference hosted some 931 attendees from 29 countries, taking advantage of 96 selected presentations and learning opportunities in 16 topical sessions.

“Whether it’s information obtained at the product presentations or coatings research presented at the conference, we are grateful and proud to bring this valuable event back for industry and look forward to another successful event in 2026,” said Matthews.

“The industry experienced three days full of networking opportunities at the leading North American coatings event. Exhibitors and attendees were very excited to make connections and enhance their industry knowledge. We are already looking forward to seeing you again in Indianapolis May 5-7, 2026,” said Matthias Janz, Director of Trade Shows at Vincentz Network.

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Earlier this month, the 2024 American Coatings Show saw over 9,000 total participants with a total of 588 exhibitors in over 138,800 square feet of exhibit space to network and establish new business connections.
scanrail / Getty Images

Earlier this month, the 2024 American Coatings Show saw over 9,000 total participants with a total of 588 exhibitors in over 138,800 square feet of exhibit space to network and establish new business connections.

New Board Appointments

During the event, the ACA also revealed new leadership appointments to its Board of Directors. Jeffrey J. Powell, President and CEO of Diamond Vogel, Inc., now serves as ACA Chairman; and Chase Bean, President, CEO and Chairman of Tnemec Company, Inc., is serving as ACA Vice Chairman and Treasurer.

In their roles, Powell and Bean will reportedly provide strategic direction on association finances, and organizational and policy initiatives. Both Powell and Bean will serve two-year terms, ending in April 2026.

The association says that Powell joined Diamond Vogel in October 2016 as an executive vice president before transitioned to his current role in 2019. His career began in 1991 as a coatings sales representative for PPG Industries, Inc., advancing through multiple sales and management positions before leaving in 2004 to join Jones-Blair Company in Dallas.

At Jones-Blair, he managed its Industrial Coating business, became vice president of Sales, and was named president and CEO in 2008. In 2014, Hempel North America acquired the Jones-Blair Company, and Powell became president of Hempel North America.

Powell is a native of Wisconsin and holds a bachelor’s degree in marketing and management from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

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Bean’s career in the coatings industry reportedly began in the Technical Services laboratory and on job sites supporting Tnemec customers. ACA says this early experience served as a “strong foundation” of product and application knowledge for his later roles in sales and business development.

He also served as executive vice president, where he managed the sales, marketing, research and development and technical services departments for eight years.

Bean attended the University of the South in Sewanee, Tennessee, where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in English. He also earned an MBA from the University of Missouri-Kansas City.

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Industry Awards

Both Michael Krayer and Sean William Bullis of BASF received the 2024 American Coatings Award for the most outstanding conference paper on April 30 during the Plenary Session of the event. Krayer and Bullis were presented with a sculpture and accompanying $2,500 cash award.

In their paper “Novel Bimodal High Solid Polymer Dispersions for Architectural Coatings,” the authors note how performance of water-based architectural paint has consistently improved over the past few decades; but that latex polymer dispersions used in water-based coatings are typically limited to 45 to 50% polymer solids.

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They also explain that this is due to the close packing limit of the dispersed polymer particles and a sharp increase in viscosity at solid contents much beyond 50%. This restricts the formulation options for water-based coatings, including achievable volume solids, rheology profile, and wet and dry film thickness.

Krayer and Bullis noted that conventional latex dispersions necessitate the transportation and storage of large quantities of water, and that higher solid polymer dispersions could help reduce freight costs and/or enhance storage tank capacities.

According to the association, the research in their paper presents advancements in creating novel bi-modal latex dispersions that allow for over 60% polymer solid content. Additionally, they forth new formulation possibilities for architectural coatings accessible with bi-modal high solid dispersions to achieve higher film build and maximize hiding performance. This in turn would ultimately result in an improved painting experience and greater consumer satisfaction.

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Other awards presented during the ACA Awards Dinner included:

  • The Industry Statesman Award, an honor given to individuals in recognition of their career-long devotion and service to the industry, to Jeff Filley, Laurel Jamison, Doug Mattscheck, Michael McGarry, John Morikis and Thierry Vanlancker;
  • The Industry Achievement Award, which recognizes individuals for their specific contributions to an industry project or association effort, to Adriana Hemman;
  • The Industry Excellence Award, which recognizes individuals with numerous years of service to the industry, specifically for technical contributions or participation on ACA’s Issue Management Committees, to Kurt Wood; and
  • The Distinguished Partner Award, which recognizes longstanding partners who have distinguished themselves through profound commitment and support of industry that has proven vital to the success of the association, to Juergen Nowak.

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