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Aircraft Painted to Match Luxury Car

FRIDAY, MARCH 18, 2022

German paint manufacturer Mankiewicz Coating Solutions and aircraft painting and exterior coatings specialist MAAS Aviation recently teamed up to paint a plane to match the owner’s Bentley.

“The aircraft’s owner had something unique in mind — he wanted his plane painted to match his luxury car,” wrote MAAS in its release. “The colorimetry specialists at Mankiewicz Coating Solutions accepted the challenge and recreated the exact color tones of the exquisite vehicle.”

To achieve this, the team color matched the tones, tested them together and then worked out the ideal application process. Matching the car, the plane livery features blue and brown tones that blend into a color gradient of rose gold.

However, MAAS noted that there were challenges when completing the task, including that the special livery had to be hand-painted rather than automated and that the aircraft had to be airborne again in a very short time.

The companies used a high-performance aircraft coating system to withstand harsh conditions in flight operations. Additionally, special livery coating uses glittering micas and a high-gloss finish.

MAAS attributes the successful outcome of the project to the longstanding cooperation between the two companies.

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Other Unique Aircraft Liveries

In July 2018, Airbus made a splash with the unveiling of the new design for the BelugaXL (Airbus A330-700L), a new mega-transport aircraft painted to look like its namesake—the Beluga whale. The livery included a whale-style nose cone, blue eyes and a smiling mouth.

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According to CNN, the design was chosen by Airbus staff, via a poll in which 20,000 employees chose their favorite from among six options. The whale motif garnered 40 percent of the vote. The aircraft design itself is based on the earlier A330-200 airliner, which became known as the “Beluga” due to its resemblance to a whale.

That September, aircraft maker Embraer collaborated with AkzoNobel’s aerospace coatings business to develop new livery for three of Embraer’s latest line of E2 business jets, depicting a tiger, an eagle and a shark.

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The aircraft murals were painted using products from AkzoNobel’s Alumigrip and Aerodur product lines. The livery was changed at the aircraft company’s facility in São José dos Campos, Brazil, which is also home to an AkzoNobel color mixture center.

And in November, in celebration of Latvia’s 100th anniversary, airBaltic changed the livery of one of its new A220-300 aircraft to a color scheme that honored the country’s flag, using aerospace coatings from AkzoNobel.

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Rihards Priedkalns, Magnetic MRO Aircraft Paint Shop Manager, noted that it took 15 painters 1,000 hours to create the unique livery, which is colored red and white to honor Latvia’s flag.


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