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June 19, 2013

Money in a Jar

When a patron spies a jar of money on a bar, the bartender tells him that if he wants to win the jar, he must accomplish three things.

First, he points to a big guy across the room, 6’9” 280 lbs., and tells the man to walk up to him and knock him out with one punch.

Secondly, he needs to pull a tooth out of a Rottweiler’s mouth.

And finally, he needs to have sex with an 80 year old woman.

Intrigued and feeling a bit cocky, the patron walks over to the big guy and knocks him out with one punch.

He then takes the dog into the bathroom and all everyone hears is yelling and screaming.

The patron comes out of the bathroom all bloody and disheveled and says, “Now where’s that old lady that needs her tooth pulled?”

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