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March 7, 2013

One Froggy Evening

An old man was walking in the forest when he heard a weak voice, way down by his feet.

He bent down to look and saw that the voice was coming from a little frog.

“I’m a beautiful, erotic, and sensual princess, skilled in all the carnal pleasures of love," the frog peeped. "An evil queen, envious of my charms, turned me into a frog! But if you kiss me, I will once again be a fair maiden, and I will provide you with all the joys and delights of my voluptuous temperament and my ardent lust."

The old man picked up the little frog and put her into his pocket.

Bewildered, the frog looked out and asked, “What, why aren’t you kissing me?”

“Sorry, lady,” replied the old man. “At my age, it’s much more fun just to have a talking frog.”

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