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February 22, 2013

Even Steven

Two male co-workers and their wives are playing cards when Bill’s very beautiful wife begins to play footsie with John under the table.  She gets up to freshen her drink and John follows her into the kitchen.

Alone in the kitchen, Bill’s wife gives John a seductive look and tells him that if he’s interested in more, it’ll cost him $100.  John thinks this is very tacky, but she is so beautiful that he can’t help but agree, and they plan to meet at her house the next afternoon.  The next day comes, they meet, have sex, and John gives her $100.

At 6:00 Bill arrives home from work and asks his wife if John stopped over today.  Reluctantly she admits that he did stop over for a few minutes.

Next Bill asks if he gave her $100 and she thinks, “Oh hell!  He knows!”  She fesses up and says, “Well, yes…he did give me $100.”

“Good,” Bill says. “John borrowed $100 from me at work this morning and said he’d stop by the house this afternoon and pay me back.”

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