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February 20, 2013

The Lion Tamers

A circus owner advertised for a lion tamer but only two people applied, one, a beautiful woman and the other, a young man. The circus owner warned them that the lion was very ferocious and had just eaten the last tamer, but both applicants said they were not afraid and would like to have a go at it.

The woman auditioned first. She ignored the chair, the whip and the pistol the owner had provided and bravely entered the lion’s cage.

The lion immediately charged at her, growling and snarling and showing its teeth in a threatening fashion. However, it stopped just short of attacking her and then, surprisingly gave out a kittenish purr and snuggled close to her, first, pressing against her face and then gradually kissing and licking her all over. After a while, the lion dropped on its hind legs and slumped down and rested against her thighs.

The owner was utterly taken in. He turned to the young male applicant and said, "Well, can you top that?"

"Sure," he replied. "Just get the lion out of the way."

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