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September 5, 2022

Passing Judgment

A man died and found himself in the line for Judgment Day.

A bearded spirit examined his clipboard and said to the man, “Before you meet with God, I should tell you: We’ve looked over your life and, to be honest, you really didn’t do anything particularly good or bad.

"We’re not really sure what to do with you. Can you tell us anything you did that can help us make a decision?”

The new soul thought for a moment and replied, “Yeah! Once, I was driving along and came upon a person who was being harassed by a group of thugs.

"So I pulled over, got out a bat, and went up to the leader. He was a huge, muscular guy with a ring pierced through his lip.

"Well, I tore the ring right out of his lip and told him that he and his gang had better stop bothering this guy or they would have to deal with me!”

“Wow that’s impressive," the interviewer said. “When did this happen?”

“About three minutes ago,” the man replied.

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