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June 7, 2022

Engineers and Lawyers

There was once an engineer who found a magic lamp.

When he rubbed it, a genie jumped out and said to him, "You have three wishes. But there is a catch: This wish system of mine was designed by a lawyer, so whatever you wish for, every lawyer in the world will get double!"

"No problem," the engineer replied. "And for my first wish, I wish I had a Ferrari."

"OK", said the genie, and a Ferrari appeared in front of the engineer. "But remember, every lawyer in the world now has two Ferraris."

"Ok," said the engineer. "Second, I wish for a million bucks." Poof! A million bucks appeared!

"Remember," the genie said, "every lawyer in the world now has two million bucks."

"All right," said the engineer, pausing. Then he said, "I always wished I could donate a kidney!"

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