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May 11, 2021

Gender Decoder

Dictionary for Decoding Women’s English

Yes: No.
No: Yes.
Maybe: No.
We need…: I want…
We need to talk: You’re in trouble.
Sure, go ahead: You’d better not.
Do what you want: You will pay for this later.
I am not upset: Of course, I’m upset, you moron!
You’re attentive tonight: Is sex all you ever think about?

Dictionary for Decoding Men’s English

I am hungry:  I am hungry.
I am sleepy: I am sleepy.
I am tired: I am tired.
Nice dress: Nice cleavage.
I love you: Let’s have sex now.
I am bored: Do you want to have sex?
May I have this dance?: Can we have sex?
Can I call you sometime?: Can we have sex?
Can I take you to a movie?: Can we have sex?
Can I take you to dinner?:  Can we have sex?

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