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March 22, 2018

Guess My Weight

While Bill waited at the airport to board his plane, he noticed a computerized scale that would give your weight and a fortune. He dropped a quarter in the slot, and the computer screen displayed: “You weigh 195 pounds, you are married and you’re on your way to San Diego.” Bill stood there dumbfounded.

Another man put a quarter into the scale, and the computer screen read: “You weigh 184 pounds, you’re divorced and you’re on your way to Chicago.” Bill asked the man, “Are you divorced and on your way to Chicago?”

“Yes,” replied the man. Bill was amazed.

Then he rushed into the men’s room, changed his clothes and put on dark glasses.

He went to the scale again and put in another quarter. The computer screen read: “You still weigh 195 pounds and you’re still married, but you just missed your plane to San Diego.”

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