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October 11, 2017

Counting Sheep

A man is driving his Mercedes through the countryside and spots a field of grazing sheep.

He stops his car, walks up to the shepherd and says, "I'll make a deal with you: I will guess how many sheep you've got in this field and, if I guess right, I get to take one of them home with me. If I guess wrong, you get to keep my car."

The shepherd thinks for a moment and finally agrees.

"137," says the driver.

"You're right!" says the shepherd, and dutifully hands over the sheep.

The man begins to walk away, but the shepherd stops him.

"Now, I've got a deal for you," the shepherd says. "If I can guess what you do for a living, I get to keep your car. If I'm wrong, you can have all my sheep."

"Deal," says the driver.

"You're a consultant," says the shepherd.

The man is dumbfounded as he hands over his keys. "How did you know?"

"Easy," says the shepherd. "You come here uninvited, you tell me something I already know and then you charge me for it."

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