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January 28, 2013

First Date

On their first date, Joe took Rose to the carnival. When he asked her what she wanted to do first, Rose replied, “Get weighed.”

So Joe took her to the man with the scale who guesses people’s weight. He looked at Rose and said, “120 pounds.” Since Rose weighed in at 117, she collected a prize.

Next, they went on the roller coaster. When the ride was finished, Joe asked Rose what she wanted to do next. “Get weighed,” she said. So, they went back to the man with the scale, who of course guessed Rose’s weight correctly.

Leaving without a prize, they went for a ride on the merry-go-round. After they got off, Joe asked Rose what she wanted to do next. “I want to get weighed!” she said again.

Joe began to think this girl was quite strange and decided to end the evening quickly. He left her at the door with a quick handshake.

Rose’s roommate was waiting up for her to return and asked how the evening went.

“Wousy!” Rose replied.

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