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September 25, 2019

Take That!

A loud Texas engineer was visiting Australia and talking big about all of the large civil works in the US that he was involved in. To be polite, his Australian counterpart took him on a tour of some of Sydney’s larger constructions.

First, he took him to Gladesville Bridge.

“What’s that?” the Texan demanded.

“That’s the Gladesville Bridge,” the Australian said.

“Hmph,” sniffed the Texan. “How long did it take to build, and with how many men?”

“About five years with 1,000 men” came the answer.

The Texan replied, “Well, in Texas, we would’ve done it in two years with 500 men.”

Next, they went to the Sydney Opera House.

“What’s that?” demanded the Texan.

“That’s the Sydney Opera House” was the reply.

The Texan sniffed again. “How long did it take to build, and with how many men?”

“About 10 years, with 200 men,” the Australian replied.

The Texan shot back, “Well, in Texas we would’ve done it in four years, with 200 men.”

Now weary of the Texan’s attitude, the Australian engineer walked his guest around the Opera House. As they did, the Sydney Harbor Bridge came into view.

“Wow!” the Texan exclaimed. “What’s that?”

“I don’t know,” the Australian coolly replied. “It wasn’t there yesterday.”

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