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Transmission Pipeline Coating Systems: Selecting and Sourcing

Transmission Pipeline Coating Systems: Selecting and Sourcing This eBook features an article from the Journal of Protective Coatings & Linings (JPCL) about improving polyurethane pipe coatings for application in harsh conditions, as well as JPCL Buying Guide data pertaining to selecting and specifying coatings for transmission pipeline application in various exposure environments. All information about the article and materials is based on the original dates of publication of these materials in JPCL.

The Buying Guide is organized by various exposure types. Coating manufacturers are listed in alphabetical order, with each company's preferred system named in both proprietary and generic terms. Finally, contact details are given for all the companies.

This collection is designed to provide general guidance on selecting and specifying coatings, as well as furnish information about sources in order to acquire the appropriate systems. Please visit www.paintsquare.com/bg to refine searches and apply parameters to Buying Guide data such as industry, exposure, substrate, company name or product name.

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