Ancillary Sponsorships

We encourage Platinum and Sustaining Sponsors to deepen their relationships with attendees through Ancillary Sponsorships – à-la-carte activities and other features developed to increase the visibility of sponsoring companies. Experience from past Contractor Connect events has proven that Platinum and Sustaining Sponsors who add at least one of these Ancillary Sponsorships enjoy more participant engagement during the event and receive a better return on their investment.

Break Sponsor: $2,000

  • Signage in break area with company logo
  • Choice of snacks, candy and beverages
  • Recognition in event program as "Break Sponsor"

Bourbon & Wine Tasting: $28,500 SOLD - Sherwin-Williams

  • Single barrel select bottle of bourbon specifically produced by St. Augustine Distillery to all guests

Breakfast Sponsor (Wed., Thurs., Fri.): $2,500

  • Signage at all breakfasts
  • Present raffle prize at conclusion of each breakfast
  • Recognition in event program as "Breakfast Sponsor"

Casino Night Sponsor: $4,000 SOLD - Tnemec

  • Signage and welcome remarks from sponsor at dinner
  • Sponsor announces raffle winners

Cigar Bar Sponsor: $2,000 SOLD - CRW Consulting & Distribution, LLC/CorrZe

  • Signage at event with company logo
  • Custom cubicle bourbon glass featuring sponsoring company logo
  • Sponsoring company logo on cigar band
  • Sponsor presents raffle prize winners at function
  • Recognition in event program as "Cigar Bar Sponsor"

Delegate Bag Sponsor : $5,000 SOLD - Clemco

  • Company logo on all event bags

Drink Ticket Sponsor: $2,000

  • Company logo on all drink tickets
  • Recognition in event program as "Drink Ticket Sponsor"

Fishing Sponsor: $3,000 SOLD - Graco

  • Sponsoring company rep on each boat
  • Exclusive giveaway on boat
  • Sponsor presents fishing prizes
  • Plaque for biggest catch

Golf Sponsor: $3,000 SOLD - PPG

  • Custom golf balls
  • Signage on each hole
  • Logo on lunch boxes
  • Announce winners & present prizes

Keycard Sponsor: $2,000 SOLD - Allredi

  • Company logo on all room key cards
  • Recognition in event program as "Keycard Sponsor"

Lanyard/Registration Sponsor: $1,500 SOLD - Abrasives, Inc.

  • Company logo on lanyards

Lunch Sponsor (Thurs., Fri.): $2,500 SOLD - IUPAT

  • Signage at lunches
  • Welcome remarks at Thursday lunch
  • Logo on Lunchbox (Friday)
  • Custom thank-you note in Lunchbox (Friday)
  • Recognition in event program as "Lunch Sponsor"

Napkin Sponsor: $1,500

  • Logo on all napkins at event
  • Recognition in event program as "Napkin Sponsor"

Opening Reception/Ice Breaker Sponsor: $3,000 SOLD - PPG

  • Signage at event with company logo
  • Welcome remarks at reception
  • Present raffle prizes to winners
  • Recognition in event program as "Ice Breaker/Opening Reception Sponsor"

Padfolio and Notepad & Pen Sponsor: $3,000 SOLD - U.S. Minerals

  • Company logo on all notepads & pens

Transportation Sponsor: $2,500 SOLD - Nationwide Overspray

  • Company logo on custom email to delegates with transportation information
  • Custom welcome note in vehicle to delegates (contractors using event transportation services)
  • Company logo on all individual departure time documents
  • Recognition in event program as "Transportation Sponsor"

Water Bottle Sponsor: $2,000 SOLD - Blast One

  • Logo on all water bottles distributed at event
  • Recognition in event program as "Water Bottle Sponsor"

Welcome Gift Sponsor (to Contractors): $3,000 SOLD - DeHumidification Technologies, LP

  • Approve the welcome gift
  • Logo on premium gift presented to all contractor delegates
  • Recognition in event program as "Welcome Gift Sponsor"

WiFi Sponsor: $2,000 SOLD - AMPP

  • Custom password for WiFi
  • Note in registration bag from company that includes password
  • Recognition in event program as "WiFi Sponsor"

All Ancillary Sponsorships are listed at base-rate pricing. If a sponsorship is available for purchase by more than one sponsor, it is noted above. An Ancillary Sponsorship may also be jointly sponsored by Platinum or Sustaining Sponsors by mutual agreement. Opportunities to introduce additional sponsorships as well as customize existing ones are available. Consult your sales rep.