Durable Coating Gets New HQ Ready for the Long Haul


When the Florida Roofing & Sheet Metal Contractors Association (FRSA) designed its new headquarters near Orlando, Florida, they knew it needed to be built with materials that were energy-efficient, code-compliant and long-lasting. For the exterior, they turned to coatings and component finishes made with Kynar 500 and Kynar Aquatec PVDF resin.

“As a trade association that serves roofing contractors, we wanted to make sure the building represented the roofing industry in a positive way,” said Lisa Pate, CEM, Executive Director of FRSA. “We knew architectural metal component OEMs have trusted Kynar 500 for at least 50 years, so there was no question the finishes would be aesthetically pleasing or provide durable protection for our roof and gutters. We were pleasantly surprised to find out that Kynar is a key ingredient in NeverFade Coatings, which we learned can be used on stucco and applied in the field.”

Photos courtesy of Florida Roofing and Sheet Metal Contractors Association, Inc.

Novel Emulsion Coatings Technology

NeverFade, produced by APV Engineered Coatings, contains Kynar Aquatec, a water-based resin that, unlike Kynar 500, does not need to be baked at temperatures over 375 degrees Fahrenheit, making it ideal for air-dry, field-applied coatings. The premium, weather-resistant coating can be easily applied to a variety of substrates, including metals, plastics, wood, concrete, stucco, EIFS and previously painted surfaces.

“The use of Kynar Aquatec and complex inorganic pigments gives NeverFade the ability to resist film erosion, chalking and fading caused by harsh UV exposure,” said Erin Neff, Director of Marketing and Business Development at APV Engineered Coatings. “Degraded and faded paint is so commonly seen throughout Florida, which is one of the harshest environments in the country.”

APV backs the coating’s no-fade performance with a 15-year product-and-labor guarantee, which is transferable to future building owners. If the coating fades by a Delta E (ΔE) of five or higher, APV will replace the product and cover the labor cost of re-coating. This warranty, Neff says, is unique to the architectural coatings industry.

“We were extremely interested in NeverFade Coatings because every painted surface in Florida seems to turn chalky after a short period of exposure to the heat, humidity and wind-driven rain that are common here,” said Pate. “The coating system exceeded my expectations. We estimate that by using NeverFade, we'll be able to avoid three rounds of repainting, allowing FRSA to save thousands of dollars in labor costs over those 15 years.”

According to the project’s coating contractor, Jamie Stewart of Stewart Painting in Eustis, Florida, NeverFade has application advantages as well:

“NeverFade is probably one of the smoothest coating systems I’ve ever used,” he said. “It brushed and rolled onto the surface easily and provided excellent coverage. Plus, it was ‘clean’ out of the bucket, unlike other coatings I’ve used that contain clumps or sediment.”

Supply Chain Puts All Hands on Deck

At the heart of the project team was Michael Roberts of Lazer Manufacturing, a Miami-based master distributor of NeverFade and other custom specialty building products.

“Our family business has been a proud partner of the FRSA and its members for more than 30 years,” said Roberts. “As soon as Lisa at FRSA told us about the project, we knew we could bring together the right group of products and people to approach the task with integrity and plain old hard work. It was remarkable the way everyone in the supply chain was devoted to the project’s success.”

Through multiple tele- and video-conferences instead of in-person visits prohibited by the COVID-19 pandemic, APV helped Lazer conduct site and substrate evaluations to specify the coating chemistry needed and provided guidelines for surface preparation, coating mock-ups and inspections.

APV’s Soft Sandstone was chosen for the stucco and Colonial White for the trim. Roberts worked closely with Jamie Stewart, who was new to NeverFade, to make sure he and his team understood the application process.

“APV is always involved at every step of every project, to ensure a high-quality installation that will last 20 years or more in the field,” Neff said.

“Watching all the components of the building come together was educational and informative,” Pate concluded. “Each of the companies involved was amazing in their support. Our new building is beautiful, functional and a first-class facility to take FRSA into our 100th year and beyond.”

FRSA Headquarters Building Envelope Project Team

  • APV Engineered Coatings: W-1500 Universal Primer and NeverFade Original Topcoat
  • Arkema Inc.: Kynar 500 resin for the roof and gutter and Kynar Aquatec resin for the field-applied NeverFade coating
  • Bostik, the 130-year-old sealant and adhesive division of Arkema: Bostik 915 sealant for the roofing system and Bostik PRO-MS 50 hybrid sealant
  • Eagle Roofing: roof underlayment
  • Lazer Manufacturing: master distributor and project coordinator
  • PAC-CLAD Petersen: copper-penny-colored standing seam metal roof and gutter system
  • Stewart Painting: exterior coating contractor

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