Cementitious Passive Fire Protection: The Next Generation


Carboline has added a new product, Pyrocrete 341, to its petrochemical fireproofing line. According to the company: “Our premier 3-in-1 product offers excellent durability, enhanced application properties and the most extensive certification in the industry.”

Pyrocrete materials are heavy-duty, exterior-grade Portland cement-based products suitable for shop or field application. High durability and resilience make these materials ideal for shop application, with minimal damage during handling and shipping to the project site. This is validated by more than 35 years of successful offsite installations and the most rigorous fire and dynamic physical property tests in the industry.

Pyrocrete 341 was created to provide facility owners and engineering construction firms with a robust passive fire protection (PFP) solution. These are its distinguishing features: 

  1. Pyrocrete 341 meets the rigorous exposures of hydrocarbon fire, jet fire and cryogenic spill protection with zero erosion factors. This combination offers a simplified, single-product solution to meet all PFP key performance design criteria for long-term asset protection. Pyrocrete 341 has been tested to meet major hydrocarbon-related specification requirements including UL 1709 5th Edition Hydrocarbon, ISO 22899-1:2007 (E) Jet Fire, ISO 20088-1 Cryogenic Resistance, NFPA 290 Torch Fire and Hose Stream Testing (extended to 2.5 hours) and a simulated 4-bar overblast explosion.
  2. Pyrocrete 341 is a high-build material, which means that most hourly rating thicknesses can be applied in a single lift. It can be applied easily by spray or trowel. The mixed material sprays at lower pumping pressures, which reduces pump maintenance. Its creamy texture allows more material to be applied per coat with a trowel.
  3. The very fast cure-to-ship time increases shop throughput and decreases time required for the shop-applied product to reach the job site. Pyrocrete 341 rapidly develops strength, providing maximum durability for onsite or offsite applications.

The higher film build and faster cure of Pyrocrete 341 can yield significant time and labor savings. Click here for more information.

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