Product Profile: Easing Application with Ceramic Epoxy

TUESDAY, MAY 19, 2020

For more than a decade, Perma-Clean 100 Ceramic Epoxy has been Induron’s flagship product for lining potable water storage tanks. The coating’s features include minimal undercutting, high film build, low permeability and a non-ablative surface — attributes that are delivered through an environmentally friendly, solvent-free epoxy coating, modified with ceramic pigments.

According to Induron, the most talked-about quality of Perma-Clean 100 among its customers is its user-friendliness, compared with other 100%-solids epoxy products. To explain why, the company created this video:

In addition to ease of use, the product is designed to provide enhanced edge retention, which improves corrosion protection on corners and sharp angles. The high-build coating may be applied up to 50 mils DFT per coat.

Used on water tanks throughout eastern Pennsylvania for more than 10 years, the product has served as a top coat on a range of previously-painted surfaces — specifically steel and concrete. Enhanced with ceramic pigment in an amine-cured epoxy resin for maximum corrosion protection, the fast-curing product becomes dry to walk on in 10 hours at 70 degrees Fahrenheit (F), which allows for quicker inspection times. It can be placed into immersion service in 72 hours at 60 F and above. Induron notes that competing products are not typically treated with these enhancements and can take up to seven days or longer to cure prior to full immersion service.

See an example of the product’s performance.

Provided in a gloss blue finish, the coating also meets AWWA D102 and AWWA C210 standards and is Ozone Transmission Commission (OTC Phase I and Phase II) compliant.

"Induron works to provide coating solutions that are long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing,” said CEO Davies Hood, “and we aim to make Perma-Clean 100 and its expanding line of products effective and easy to use, from shipment to application."

For more information about ceramic epoxy technology, contact an Induron sales representative or visit induron.com.

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