Video: Applications for Portable Robotic Shot Blaster

MONDAY, JUNE 15, 2020


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This portable shot-blast machine cleans all pipe, plate, tank walls, tank roofs, tank floors, dome roofs and wind towers while moving forward or in reverse. The FasterBlaster system incorporates specialized and customized features designed to eliminate emissions, improve cleaning quality, increase production, minimize maintenance and lower labor costs. Production rates can vary from 700 to 1500 square feet per hour depending on the condition and type of coating being removed.


  1. Uses steel shot, steel grit, or a shot/grit combination.
  2. Blasts horizontal surfaces, vertical surfaces and pipe of all sizes.
  3. Dramatically reduces cost:
    • Only one or two men are needed to operate.
    • Takes less than half the time of traditional blasting.
    • Media use is approximately $0.03 per square foot (a 95% savings).
    • There is one 55-gallon drum of waste per 10,000 square feet cleaned.
    • No clean-up is required; all waste is deposited directly into drums (a 96% savings).
    • The system is virtually emission free — no containment required, even for lead jobs.
  4. Can be used to clean:
    • All ground storage tanks
    • Pipe (all sizes 0.5 inch and greater)
    • Steel plate
    • Bridge surfaces
    • Ship hulls and ship decks
  5. Safety
    • Operated from the ground, eliminating use of a man lift.

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