Engineered Blast Abrasive Outperforms 30/60 Garnet in Trial


In a recent trial, a new class of engineered blast abrasive material outperformed garnet in a head-to-head coating removal comparison. The trial, conducted by Greener Blast Technologies Inc., compared the use of a garnet 30/60 blend to an abrasive blast media produced by 10X Engineered Materials. Each abrasive was used with a vapor blasting system to remove two-part epoxy, at a 13- to 17-mil thickness, from a 2-square-foot steel panel. Compared with garnet, the engineered abrasive achieved a 35% speed increase:

According to the manufacturer, the new abrasive, 10X 20/70, is designed to increase the efficiency of industrial blast abrasives. This becomes more critical as businesses consider the total cost structure of their blasting operations, including price per square foot, work hours needed to complete a job, blast media consumption and disposal costs.

“On the microscopic level, 10X particles are manufactured in a way that creates more uniform toughness, compared with mined materials that contain fracture planes,” said Dr. Stephen Ricci, the lead technologist at 10X Engineered Materials. “That toughness, as well as a number of other factors, translates to more efficient delivery of blasting energy to a surface and results in significant performance improvements.”

Trials with Greener Blast demonstrated that 10X abrasives can dramatically increase speed, throughput, surface quality and overall job profitability.

“We put 10X to the test, and the performance was some of the best we have ever seen on our new Greener Blast dual outlet machines,” said Bob Nash, President at Greener Blast. “We’ve used just about everything over the years. From a value perspective, it is definitely the most productive product that we’ve tried. We were really impressed.”

Ricci’s team is conducting additional tests with customers to quantify efficiency improvements, comparing 10X materials to aluminum oxide and garnet, as well as crushed glass, coal slag, nickel slag and copper slag.

“We’re getting great feedback, but we’re an engineering company at heart,” said Ricci. “We really want to talk about performance in a data driven way, and we’re looking forward to releasing more test results in the near future.”

About the Abrasive

10X is made in the U.S. and contains zero free silica or beryllium. It is currently available across the U.S. from a growing network of distributors. For more information on 10X, as well as a special offer for PaintSquare readers interested in trying the product, visit 10XEM.com/PaintSquare

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