Giving New Life to a PA Standpipe


Showing signs of corrrosion, this standpipe in downtown Lancaster, Pennsylvania, was ready for recoating. photos cOURTESY OF INduron

When an iconic 7.5-million-gallon standpipe in downtown Lancaster, Pennsylvania, began to show signs of corrosion, Tex Enoch was asked to provide a coatings recommendation.

Enoch, a sales representative with Induron Coatings, has a longstanding history with this particular tank. More than 40 years ago, he supplied Chicago Bridge & Iron the paint for the original paint job. Twenty years later, he sold the paint required to repaint the tank. So when the tank’s exterior began to show signs of corrosion in 2018, he was the expert to call. 

An initial inspection indicated that the interior of the tank required complete paint removal and re-lining. Enoch recommended Induron’s line of ceramic epoxy tank linings.

“Ceramic epoxy refers to a unique and innovative pigment package that provides unrivaled film build, very low permeability, absolute minimal undercutting and some self-healing properties to the epoxy backbone,” he said. “This is already ubiquitous in the potable water tank market.”

The exterior of the tank is shown after the coating system was applied.

The Coatings System

Enoch recommended a coatings system that consisted of a thin-film prime coat, a brush-applied seam coat of epoxy on all angles, edges and weld seams, as well as a high-build finish of PermaClean 100 Ceramic Epoxy. For the standpipe’s exterior surfaces, he recommended a complete commercial blast (SSPC SP-6) and a four-coat exterior system that included Induron’s PermaGloss Fluorourethane. He suggested PermaGloss for its chemical and stain resistance, high performance in aggressive environments and long-lasting color and gloss retention.

The Criteria for Selection

The project called for a fast-curing, 100%-solids epoxy tank lining — ideal for protecting against corrosion on the previously painted interior of a potable water storage tank. According to Induron, PermaClean100 has been used on water tanks throughout the country without any taste or odor complaints for more than 10 years and contractors have testified about its user-friendly application qualities and lack of failures. 

Available in a pool blue finish, PermaClean 100 (https://www.induron.com/perma-clean-100/) Epoxy meets AWWA D102 and AWWA C210 standards and is Ozone Transmission Commission (OTC Phase I and Phase II) compliant.

According to Induron, PermaClean 100 Ceramic Epoxy is ideal for top coating a wide range of previously painted surfaces.

The Contractor

U.S. Tank Painting was awarded this project. The crew mobilized quickly to address the containment concerns and completed the repaint within the tight completion window and budget. This project is an example of the long lifespan a welded steel water tank can have with proper maintenance.

For more information about ceramic epoxy technology, visit induron.com.

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