Featured Product: New Way to Store, Move Abrasive


Intev Inc. (Ontario, Canada) recently introduced Safe Tote, a new storage and transport vessel designed to make the use of steel grit recyclers safer, faster, easier, more productive and more cost-efficient. According to the company, Safe Tote was created to address real-world issues associated with traditional methods of carrying and transferring abrasive.

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Typically, before a recycler can be moved from project to project or to a yard for storage, the abrasive it houses must be removed; otherwise, the recycler would be much too heavy for highway travel. The grit is then placed in steel drums and transported separately on trailers.

The use of drums has its challenges, however. These include 1) limited methods of media transfer between the drums and the recycler, 2) difficulty securing the drums on flat bed trailers for transport, 3) difficulty handling the heavy, loaded drums and 4) bulky storage in warehouses.

The Safe Tote was developed to address these and other issues.


To transfer material from the recycler, the tote can be gravity-loaded through a door in the top, or blast pots can be connected via blast hose, and grit can be transferred to the tote via blow-loading. While steel drums can also be blow-loaded, the process can be difficult and dangerous.

Intev says that, when moving grit from work site to work site or warehouse, Safe Totes can be easily handled with a crane or stacked two high for forklift moving and storage. Once on the truck, the totes can be nested tightly together and tied down with straps or chains for safe transport.

At the next site, the totes can be emptied into the recycler using one of a couple of methods. They can be lifted above the recycler’s hopper via crane or forklift and emptied through a slide valve on the bottom of the tote. The company says it takes two to three minutes for a tote to dump the equivalent of three drums into the hopper. If desired, the tote can also be emptied into the recycler by vacuuming out the grit through the door on top. This slower method is typically used with drums.

Some drums can distort from handling and use, making it difficult to reinstall the lids properly and protect the abrasive from environmental conditions. The Safe Totes are designed to be weather tight.

Features at a glance:

  • Holds as much as three standard steel drums
  • Blow-loaded or gravity-loaded
  • Vacuum- or gravity-unloaded
  • Crane or forklift handling provisions
  • Stackable, weathertight design
  • Easy to secure on flatbed trailers
  • Rugged construction, durable galvanized finish
  • Large, sealed loading/access door
  • 3" bottom gravity dump port, slide-valve controlled
  • 1.25" NPT blow-loading port and vent port
  • Optional accessories — blast pot rack, purpose-built lift sling

Learn more at thesafetote.com.

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