The Right Tip for Spraying Zinc

MONDAY, APRIL 22, 2019

By Kevin Coleman, Titan

For years now, protective coating specs have required zinc as the base coat for two- and three-coat systems. Specifiers have grown to trust zinc’s inherent ability to protect the metals from environmental degradation and corrosion. Likewise, zinc is used as a base coat by many business owners and contractors in the marine, water & wastewater, and oil & gas industries, as well as bridge and infrastructure markets.

While zinc has proven its strength as a protective coating, it is abrasive. Zinc dust within the coating can quickly wear down application equipment. To avoid such damage, the sprayer must be powerful, durable and designed to apply the toughest coatings.

An optimal choice is a Titan sprayer paired with the Titan TR1 High Efficiency Airless (HEA) tip (left). This tip has been shown to last twice as long as standard tips when spraying zinc, which significantly reduces the cost of replacements. Since the tip wears at a much slower rate, users have more control, and film thickness stays consistent longer. There’s also a better chance of meeting coating system specifications the first time — without rework and profit loss.

The TR1 HEA tips atomize at lower pressures. At as low as 1,000 PSI, they produce the same flow and production level as standard airless tips. They also have 55 percent less overspray, conserving coating material and reducing waste, as more coating is applied to the steel or other substrate. In addition, when operating at low pressures, pumps don’t have to work as hard and will spray more gallons before repacking is needed.

More information about the TR1 HEA tip is available here.

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Kevin Coleman, Titan

Kevin Coleman is the market manager for High Performance Protective Coatings (HPPC) at Titan. With more than three decades of experience in the coatings and equipment industry, Coleman’s role includes managing and assisting with the design, manufacture and distribution of coatings application equipment.