What’s Changed About Corrosion Prevention? Priority


By Peter Petkas, Founder/Owner, HoldTight Solutions, LLC

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With never-ending operational and infrastructure demands, industrial asset owners are always looking for ways to extend the lifecycle of structures and equipment while lowering costs. Critical concerns include maximizing production and minimizing downtime for maintenance projects in the field.

In recent years, surface preparation has taken center stage as a way to help reduce short-term project costs and long-term maintenance exposure. Flash rust and corrosion have long been considered must-deal-with problems that cause productivity loss and add expense to repair and clean-up jobs. Further, companies must consider the additional expense of protentional risk-related injuries that result from neglecting proper maintenance.

With costs of corrosion reaching nearly $2.2 trillion worldwide, every coatings project manager must consider making corrosion prevention and surface preparation a priority. This has played a
significant role in the global expansion of solutions developed by HoldTight, which specializes in corrosion and flash rust prevention.


As new standards for maintenance, sustainability and technology are established in response to growing environmental concerns and stringent regulations, salt removal and rust prevention are key to meeting these new requirements. HoldTight 102, the company’s flagship product, is both a salt remover and flash rust inhibitor that can be sprayed on — but it’s not a coating. It’s a wet-abrasive-blasting additive that decreases the water’s surface tension, allowing it to get into the surface pores and remove all contamination, including salts, acids, abrasives, light oils and greases. It is also used in pressure washing after dry-abrasive blasting and ultra-
high-pressure blasting.

When the surface is dry, the applied 102 evaporates completely, along with any surface contaminants — protecting the surface from flash rust for up to 48 hours. The surface is now ready for primer or coating application.


HoldTight 102 recently proved its value on a project in the North Sea, regarded as one of the most challenging environments for oil and gas exploration and production. The severe conditions demand that corrosion engineers and safety managers mitigate risks through proper inspections and preventive maintenance.

On this project, ground and purified glass was used as the abrasive in a wet-slurry blasting set-up to which 2 percent of 102 was added for spot blasting. Approximately 180 stainless-steel studs welded onto carbon steel platforms, which had not been treated properly, were producing galvanic and under-creep corrosion. The project corrosion specialist reported that the product was very effective in terms of blast cleanliness, blast efficiency and cleanliness retention (>24 hours). Results such as this had considerable impact on the North Sea project, extending structural lifetime expectancy and yielding a strong return on investment for the company.

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