New Coating Product: On Quadrupling Production


By Tricia Carter, Carboline

Carboquick 200 is the first product named to Carboline’s new Carboquick family of fast-cure, one-coat, weatherable finishes. Winner of the 2018 North American Anti-Corrosion Coatings New Product Innovation Award*, the product is a high-build, quick-drying polyaspartic coating, designed to provide excellent corrosion protection with only one coat. Carboquick 200 can be applied directly to metal (DTM) or over one of Carboline’s primers to provide even longer service life. 


The coating is packaged in small kits and ready to spray without thinning. It should be applied at 6 to 10 mils dry film thickness (DFT).

Finish and Longevity

Carboquick 200 yields a smooth and durable finish that resists typical mechanical damage, helping to reduce future maintenance costs. It has exceeded the long-term weatherability requirements of SSPC Coating Specification No. 39 Level 3A, demonstrating very good color and gloss retention in UV exposure. The high-solids, low-VOC coating provides negligible hazardous air pollutants (HAPs), so it is especially safe to use and compliant with regulations in most geographic areas of the U.S.

The coating is formulated to provide very good color and gloss retention in UV exposure.

Application Speed

Now that winter weather is here, faster throughput is critical. Carboquick 200 is dry to handle in 1 to 2 hours and dry to touch in 30 minutes. It can be used to help speed up the painting process on new construction projects or in OEM facilities by eliminating the need for typical primers and intermediate coats. 

Carboquick 200 eliminates the need for a primer and intermediate coats, which saves significant time and money without sacrificing performance.

Carboquick 200 has helped customers dramatically speed up production output. For example, before using the product, one customer was finishing five tanks per day and waiting overnight for dry time. Now the same customer uses Carboquick 200 and finishes more than 20 tanks a day without sacrificing performance. This can be attributed to the application speed, finish, longevity and customer convenience packaging.

*Presented at the Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Awards Gala. 

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Tricia Carter, Carboline

Tricia Carter is communications manager of the Carboline Company. For more information about Carboline and its products, visit carboline.com.