Product Profile: Ensuring Coating Integrity with Ratio Accuracy and Precise Temperature Control

TUESDAY, JUNE 12, 2018

By Kevin Coleman, Titan

Contractors understand there are two key ingredients necessary for achieving correct application of plural-component coating systems: precise A-B ratio accuracy and heat control. If the ratio is off, the coating will not perform to the manufacturer’s specifications. Typical plural-component projects like water towers, bridges and offshore rigs require thousands of gallons of very expensive coatings and a significant investment in labor. Having to rework projects can cost contractors hundreds of thousands of dollars — or even their business. This is why it’s important to be informed about new coatings and applicator technologies that will help a team spray to specifications every time. 

One of the newest technologies in plural-component applicators is the Titan Helix VR2.3 proportioner, which provides a combination of accurate ratio assurance and precise temperature control to ensure proper application of the coating system. Performance is enhanced by its Smart Select electrical dual-pump proportioning system and SureFire heating system.

The Helix VR2.3’s Smart Select variable ratio controller enables continual communication between two electric-driven pumps to ensure ratio accuracy. The controller communicates with both pumps more than 60 times per revolution — or 4000 times a minute — guaranteeing the ratio is accurate. This patented technology precisely proportions the A and B components, improving accuracy by 3 to 5 percent over the current industry standard. 

The SureFire Heating System includes a block heaterand in-hose heating element that actively manage temperature all the way to the gun. The block heater features awrap-around design that delivers longer dwell time and a larger surface area for greater transfer of heat. The SureFire hose heats the coating with an in-hose heating element, eliminating temperature drop that happens from the heater block to the gun. This system manages temperature independently, achieving a delta T of +50 Fahrenheit in 200 feet of hose. To increase temperature accuracy, the SureFire hose has two sensors located at the gun to accurately control side A and B temperatures independently.

Applying plural-component coatings requires knowledge, technique and the proper equipment so the coating is applied right the first time. In addition to investing in the right equipment, take advantage of informative training courses like those offered by coating manufacturers and the Society for Protective Coatings (SSPC). More information about the Helix VR2.3 is available here

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Kevin Coleman, Titan

Kevin Coleman is the market manager for High Performance Protective Coatings (HPPC) at Titan. With more than three decades of experience in the coatings and equipment industry, Coleman’s role includes managing and assisting with the design, manufacture and distribution of coatings application equipment.