Tackling the Challenges of High-Angle Coatings


By Nicole Squires and Krystal Watson, Park Derochie

Park Derochie's team at the top of the stadium, more than 250 feet in the air.

Coatings projects come in all shapes and sizes, and the CFL’s Saskatchewan Roughriders Mosaic Stadium is one for the books. As part of the $278-million construction project in Regina, Saskatchewan, coatings company Park Derochie was brought on to paint the stadium.

Not for the faint of heart, Park Derochie’s coatings team climbed to heights of more than 250 feet to apply an innovative, one-coat system. The stadium’s sunken bowl design not only required climbing up but also out, at gravity-defying angles, to ensure every edge was properly coated — all while carrying materials, tools, and personal protective equipment.

Further challenges made the project even more intense. One drip of paint on the specialized UV-resistant fabric would be detrimental to its life span. Any solvents coming into contact with this specially fitted, self-cleaning material would cause transparency and pin-holing. Paint drips would also be destructive to any one of the 842,061,312 fiber blades of the Revolution 360 field surface. Continuous planning and attention were required by the team to keep the structure and turf blemish-free.

Coatings were applied to the Mosaic stadium from ground to sky, end zone to end zone, by Park Derochie.

According to the team, they function like a family, supporting each other throughout the project in order to meet these and other challenges, including environmental concerns — such as lighting — rescue planning, and simply having the confidence to walk out on a 6-inch piece of steel at heights. This support and coordination allowed them to bring in their project on time and with more than 9317 safe working hours.

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