Why Culture is Our Most Important Raw Material


Watch a four-minute video for a glimpse into the history, character and culture of Induron Coatings, a third-generation, family-owned industrial coatings manufacturer. Meet the people that help make up the Induron team, and learn a little about their personalities, aspirations and extreme customer focus.


Asset owners and contractors face a vital business decision when they choose which protective coatings to use on their projects. Does the product protect the asset? Is it user friendly? Can it handle the exposure environment? Is it attractive? While these are the prerequisites, they are not the full metrics by which a selection should be made. The technical attributes of a protective coating system are only the baseline qualifications. 

Equally important are the record and character of the manufacturer. Protective coatings become a fundamental attribute of the structures to which they are applied, and the builder will, in many ways, be judged by the performance of those coatings. The viability and long-term cost of an operating asset will similarly be influenced by the coatings that protect it. This is why it is of utmost importance to work with a protective coatings company that has demonstrated honesty, integrity, transparency and the drive to make its partners successful. Ideally, the company becomes an integral part of the businesses and communities with which it works. Following is how Induron achieves this symbiosis.

The company is called a “family business,” not just because its shareholders are related but because they strive to treat stakeholders — from contractors to asset owners — as family.

The company’s team of chemists and quality-control technicians work with an extensive program of testing and development protocols to ensure that every drop of product will meet project requirements. For nearly 40 years, Induron Ceramic Epoxies has made innovation a priority to achieve its core purpose: providing partners with competitive advantages. Today, the team is bringing the company’s proven technology to new markets and reshaping its chemistry to produce greener, zero-VOC applications. 

Cultivating this kind of teamwork is only possible with a strong and sustainable business culture, reinforced by long-term relationships. From staff members working on the factory floor to salespeople who interface directly with end users to executives who lead the organization, every individual in the company is expected to reinforce company values — reliability, integrity and respect.

Throughout generations of family ownership, Induron has achieved its success through long-term partnerships and a vision that looks beyond the next quarterly earnings report. The company is called a “family business,” not just because its shareholders are related but because they strive to treat stakeholders as family — whether they are employees, contractors, asset owners, engineers or fabricators. This type of culture is what allows a mid-sized company to compete against multi-billion-dollar global entities and succeed.

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