New Product News: Hempadur Multistrength 35840 & 35842


By Simon Daly, Hempel A/S

Historically, ultra-high-solids glass-flake epoxies were primarily used to protect internal tank linings, but increasingly, these products are being used in the offshore arena. Hempel A/S has introduced Hempadur Multistrength 35840 and 35842, a 99-percent-solids glass-flake epoxy coating formulated specifically to provide long-lasting corrosion protection in the splash zone areas of offshore oil & gas and wind facilities. These products are designed to help coating customers improve application longevity, meet aggressive production schedules, control costs and minimize the project’s environmental footprint.

Providing long-term corrosion resistance in splash zone areas can be demanding. In addition to the combined corrosive effects of water and oxygen, mechanical damage and abrasion of the coating must also be considered — not only in service but also during transit and installation.

How Does the Coating System Work?

In the Hempadur Multistrength 35840 and 35842 products, most conventional solvents have been replaced with reactive diluents. These low-viscosity molecules allow for the retention of application characteristics associated with solvent-based coatings while reducing volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and the risk of worker exposure to solvents. As materials fully react in the polymer backbone of the product, the possibility of solvent entrapment in the finished coating film is also reduced.

Photo: © istock.com / curraheeshutter

Increasingly, as higher DFTs are being used, often in aggressive production cycles with little time between coats, it makes sense to use a product which does not have to wait for solvent to be released from the paint film. Physical property development occurs much faster, as compared with lower-solids epoxy systems. This allows for quicker handling of coated items.

Additionally, the higher-volume-solids system requires less product to cover the same surface area, which can result in faster application time, less waste, and lower paint transport and storage costs.

Areas of Use

Hempadur Multistrength 35840 is suitable for application to splash zone and submerged areas of new construction offshore projects. It is NORSOK M501 (Edition 6) System 7A/B pre-qualified and can be applied across a wide DFT range. For higher DFT applications (up to 1000 microns per coat), Hempadur Multistrength 35842 can be used. Both products are designed for application without additional solvent being required.

For further information or to arrange a product demonstration, visit hempadurmultistrength.com.

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Simon Daly, Hempel A/S

Simon Daly is the group oil and gas market segment manager for HEMPEL A/S. With 28 years of coatings experience in laboratory, technical, sales and marketing positions — mainly servicing the oil and gas industry — he is currently responsible for oil, gas and thermal power strategy. See his bio on LinkedIn.