Setting Up Settling Basins for Longer Service Life


By Paul Powers, Mid-Central Regional Manager, Induron Protective Coatings

In 2018, Induron Protective Coatings teamed with Texarkana Water Utilities (TWU) to develop specifications for their uncoated, aging settling basins, which were in critical need of refurbishment. After several inspections to assess the condition of the basins, specifications were written for the rehabilitation of the structures, following regulations unique to that region.


The Coating Solution

Initially, TWU considered using urethane membrane systems for this project. It was thought that these were the only systems available that would provide the needed thickness required to overcome the existing deterioration present in the basins. Induron was given an opportunity to present our NSF 61/600-approved Perma-Clean 100 Ceramic Epoxy, an alternative that, with NSF approval of up to 150 mils dry film thickness, was equally capable of overcoming the basin’s surface imperfections. We were able to demonstrate, through testing and previous applications, that Perma-Clean 100 provided the necessary flexibility required for a concrete project such as theirs. This, combined with the superior corrosion protection provided by a ceramic-pigmented epoxy, proved to be an ideal solution for protecting these assets.     

About the Product

A fast-curing, 100%-solids epoxy vessel lining for potable water applications, Perma-Clean 100 provides enhanced edge retention, minimal undercutting and a highly impermeable film that is ideal for immersion applications. Traditional solvent-borne epoxy products can take seven or more days to cure for full immersion service, especially at these required film thicknesses. Formulated specifically for protecting steel and concrete for potable water immersion, this ceramic-pigmented epoxy is hard enough to walk on within 10 hours of application, which allows for quicker inspection times and can be placed into immersion service in 72 hours.

The Project Team

For the execution of this project, Induron worked closely with the engineers, contractors and inspectors tasked with making this a successful job, providing technical support before, during and throughout the completion of the application.

Induron recommended the contractor, Thomas Industrial Coatings, which is located out of the St. Louis Metro Area and is a trusted and well-respected applicator in the industrial coatings market. Our trust in their abilities and dedication to their craft was why we opted to bring them to the table on TWU’s behalf, and one of the reasons that they have grown to be one of the most competent companies in the industry. Partnering with contractors that share the “do it right the first time” mentality is the key to a successful project, and they were able to execute the job in a professional and efficient manner.

Owner: Texarkana Water Utilities
Contractor: Thomas Industrial Coatings
Manufacturer: Induron Protective Coatings

The Results

There were three large basins completed during this project. The applicators said they liked the “user-friendliness” of the product, while the owners said they were satisfied with the “efficient manner” in which the project was completed and were pleased with the overall appearance of the basins.

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