Giving Cementitious Epoxy Mortar an Upgrade


By Ben Rowland, Induron Coatings, Inc.

The use of a cementitious epoxy mortar is vital to most concrete lining projects, but existing products can be fraught with problems and difficult to apply, according to Induron, an industrial pioneer of high-performance protective coatings for ductile iron sewer linings, water/wastewater treatment facilities and potable water storage.

To address these issues, the company has introduced Mortarchem, a high-performance epoxy modified cementitious surface and repair mortar used to restore deteriorated masonry substrates prior to application of chemical-resistant topcoats.

“Our goal is to provide innovative technology to solve problems for our customers,” said Davies Hood, Induron President. “Sometimes this means producing a new product for a specific need in the marketplace. Mortarchem meets a very real need.”

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When applied as a parge coat over properly prepared new concrete, the product fills bug holes, seals pores and mitigates outgassing. It can be top coated with most Induron high-performance epoxies for use in most atmospheric and immersion exposures.

Proprietary technology, including a unique ceramic modification package, makes Mortarchem simple to use, explained Andy Odorzynski, Induron National Sales Manager.

“It’s one of those products that seems too good to be true until you apply it yourself,” he said.

To demonstrate why the company calls Mortarchem “the next generation of cementitious epoxy mortar,” Induron applied it side-by-side with competitive products. According to Odorzynski, Mortarchem’s more desirable viscosity, workability, material weight and film build offer three key benefits:

1. Simplified Application

With all three components of the product conveniently packaged in one container, there is no confusion or time lost searching for misplaced or mismatched components.

Mortarchem’s all-in-one packaging makes it simpler to use.

Another significant application advantage is the viscosity of the mixed product, aided by both the weight and shape of the ceramic microspheres in the pigment package.

2. Improved Application Production

Of course, a simplified application yields better production. Oftentimes, mortar resurfacing projects will require a significant amount of material. Mortarchem, weighing approximately half that of competitive products, makes moving the product around the job site easier and safer. Once applied, small imperfections, such as fins, are easier to sand or stone off in order to achieve the desired smoothness for a successful coating installation.

Mortarchem’s workability assists in providing a smooth surface.

3. Better Performance

Long-term performance is often the result of better application.

“Induron developed Mortarchem to spray, trowel and finish smoother and more efficiently than other products,” said Hood. “In doing so, we’ve created a product that will provide the optimal masonry substrate for application of high-performance protective coatings.”

For more information, contact an Induron sales representative or visit induron.com.

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