Wet Blasting on a Budget

MONDAY, JUNE 28, 2021

By Chris McNamara, Rapid Prep, LLC

Rapid Prep Welcomes New Unit to Its Fleet of Blasters

The new 007 Compact Greener Blaster is ideal for those looking to spend under $10,000 on a high-quality slurry unit. True to its name, the Compact is a very small machine designed to perform like a big slurry blaster. It holds exactly one bag of 10X Engineered Materials blast media and will last 30-90 minutes on one bag, depending on the aggressiveness of the blasting. It accommodates 20 gallons of onboard water and takes only five minutes to fill before starting a project. 

Galvanized and powder coated, with welded steel construction, the unit functions very well with any nozzle up to a number 8. Because of its size, the 007 Compact is easily transported in the back of a pickup truck and can stand on a moving dolly.

About the Technology

Wet abrasive technology incorporates three different elements, including H20, compressed air and an aggregate of choice, all working as one. In addition to conventional projects, the small, dust-free slurry blaster can operate in conditions that, in past, made traditional blasting impossible.

The company invites interested parties to try before buying. For more information, visit rapidprep.com or call 877-529-2124.

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Chris McNamara, Rapid Prep, LLC

Chris McNamara has 27 years of experience in the manufacture and rental of surface preparation equipment. He first worked with his father, who founded IPEC, Inc., a pioneering company in the industry. McNamara owned or worked for several businesses in the field before starting Rapid Prep, LLC in 2006. He currently manages the operating facility in North Kingstown, RI, and provides operational oversight to facilities in El Cajon, CA, and Lakewood, WA.