Equipment Spotlight: Taking Blast Cleaning to New Heights


In this Spotlight, we take a look at a versatile centrifugal shot blast cleaning system that can handle horizontal and vertical surfaces as well as pipe of all sizes—in the plant or in the field. Available at 30 HP and 60 HP, the FasterBlaster is distinguished by its compact design, high production rates and project flexibility. According to manufacturer RBW Enterprises, the system incorporates special features designed to improve cleaning quality, increase production, minimize maintenance and lower labor costs.


FasterBlaster machines use centrifugal blast wheels, driven by 30-HP electric motors, to throw steel shot against the surface. No air is required in the blasting process. The high vacuum generated by the system’s KleanVac dust collector keeps the machine sealed tightly to the surface. There are no emissions around the suction cup seal.

The smaller machine, FasterBlaster 16, can clean closer around obstructions, and the larger FasterBlaster 32 is used for wide-open areas.


A hand-held wireless remote control is used to operate all components of the cleaning system, described below. The remote is FCC, ISC and CE approved, has a 1200-foot range at 900 MHz, is weatherproof and runs on four AA batteries.

The KleanVac Dust Collector is the heart of the FasterBlaster system. It supports the main electrical panel and provides high vacuum for the FasterBlaster machine. All the paint and dust removed from the surface is automatically deposited in the 55-gallon drum, allowing for easy and environmentally friendly self-contained waste removal. The electrical panel mounts on the KleanVac dust collector and provides power for all machine functions via remote control.

The FasterBlaster 32 provides a 32-inch blast pattern and is used for the wide-open areas where higher production is needed. It is 57 inches wide x 51 inches long x 55 inches high and weighs 2200 pounds  The machine can be disassembled to fit through a 24-inch manway.

The FasterBlaster 16 has a 16-inch-wide blast pattern and is used to clean close to obstructions, closer to the ground. It also can be disassembled to fit through a 24-inch manway with less disassembly. Other uses include cleaning roofs where weight is a concern and cleaning over a knuckle roof. It is 30 inches wide x 60 inches long x 60 inches high and weighs 1200 pounds.

The Cone Roof Fixture is used to support the FasterBlaster machine hoist system on flat, cone, dome and knuckle roof tanks. The fixture is secured to the center stand pipe of the tank with a 3/8-inch cable and an additional safety cable. The fixture is driven by a variable-speed DC drive, also controlled with the remote.

The Floating Roof Fixture is used to blast clean the internal and external walls of a floating roof tank or most tanks that have no roof to support the cone roof fixture. The fixture rides on the wind girder of the tank. A safety cable secures the fixture around the circumference of the tank.

Pipe of all sizes, from 0.5-inch to large wind tower sections, can be cleaned with either machine. Special seals for different sizes of pipe are used. A stationary support structure or a driven support structure for use with limited space holds the machine for cleaning.

For additional videos and information, visit www.rbwe.com.

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