Ancillary Sponsorships

Opening Reception: $5,000 SOLD

  • Signage at reception
  • Welcome remarks at reception
  • Present raffle prizes to winners
  • Recognition as Reception Sponsor in event program

Breakfast Sponsor: $2,000 SOLD

  • Signage at all breakfasts
  • Present raffle prize at conclusion of each breakfast
  • Recognition in event program as "Breakfast Sponsor"

Lunch Sponsor: $2,000 SOLD

  • Signage at lunches
  • Welcome remarks at lunch
  • Logo on Lunchbox
  • Recognition in event program as "Lunch Sponsor"

Dinner Sponsor: $3,500 SOLD

  • Signage and welcome remarks at dinner
  • Announce raffle winners

Closing Party Sponsor: $7,500 SOLD

  • Signage at function
  • Welcome remarks at venue
  • Announce & present raffle prizes at event
  • Recognized in event program as "Closing Party Sponsor"

Cigar Bar Sponsor: $3,500

  • Signage at event
  • Company logo on cigar band

Transportation Sponsor: $2,500

  • Company logo on custom email to delegates with transportation information
  • Custom welcome note in vehicle to delegates (contractors using event transportation services)
  • Company logo on all individual departure time documents
  • Recognition in event program as "Transportation Sponsor"

Keycard Sponsor: $2,500 SOLD - Behr

  • Company logo on all room key cards
  • Recognition in event program as "Keycard Sponsor"

WiFi Sponsor: $2,500 SOLD - Arkema

  • Sponsor message with custom WiFi password on note in registration bag
  • Recognition in event program as "WiFi Sponsor"
  • Custom splash page

Drink Ticket Sponsor: $2500 SOLD - Estimate Rocket

  • Company logo on all drink tickets
  • Recognition in event program as "Drink Ticket Sponsor"

Fishing Sponsor: $3,000 SOLD

  • Sponsoring company rep on each boat
  • Sponsor presents prizes and exclusive giveaway on boat
  • Plaque for biggest catch

Golf Sponsor: $3,000

  • Custom golf balls and logo on lunch boxes
  • Signage on each hole
  • Sponsor announces winners and presents prizes

Kayak Ecological Tour Sponsor: $1,500

  • Includes T-shirt gift to delegates participating
  • Sponsor signage
  • Recognition in event program as "Kayak Ecological Tour Sponsor"

Casino Night Sponsor: $4,000 SOLD - PPG

  • Signage and welcome remarks from sponsor at dinner
  • Sponsor announces raffle winners

Registration Bag Sponsor : $7,500

  • Logo on all event bags

Room Amenity Sponsor: $5,000

Lanyard Sponsor: $3,500 SOLD - Wagner Estimating

Registration Sponsor: $3,500

For more information, contact Mike Stanley at 412-431-6114, email

Sponsor Feedback from Prior
"Contractor Connect" Events

“We didn’t think we needed help to talk to customers, but Contractor Connect was more cost-effective than us doing our own event. We gained valuable insight on what was important to the contractor, strengthened relationships, and learned about new opportunities. We’ve sponsored every year since.”
Doni Riddle, The Sherwin-Williams Company

“Contractor Connect is a great event for PPG. The networking and one-on-one meetings with the contractors are extremely valuable; we closed business as a direct result.”
Scott Doering, PPG

“You told me this would be a great event. You undersold it. It is a fabulous event. Let’s do it again.”
Chase Bean, President, Tnemec Company to Brion Palmer, CEO, TPC

“Much better than the interaction you get at a trade show.”
Eric Rennerfeldt, Graco Inc.

“Contractor Connect 1 was great. Connect 2 was better, and Connect 3 even better. I look forward to 4. Outstanding event!”
Kevin Coleman, Wagner-Titan