At Commercial Contractor Connect, leaders from 20 of the nation’s top commercial painting contractors are invited to join us for three days of recreation, education, and networking with industry experts from 20 suppliers of the products you need.
Qualified contractors attend at zero cost – not even for travel – and gain an indispensable opportunity to:
  • get answers to your problems and questions
  • get face time with C-level execs from suppliers (instead of your local rep)
  • trade tips and advice with your peers
  • learn the newest trends and technologies in
    • paints and coatings plus fire protection coatings, anti-graffiti paints, textured coatings
    • concrete protection: waterproofing sealers, floor toppings, repair materials and more
    • equipment/tools for surface prep and paint application
    • safety equipment
    • sundries and more!
Attend Commercial Contractor Connect and you’ll...
  1. Make powerful new connections with industry peers and executive-level industry suppliers
  2. Learn about emerging technologies and potential new solutions
  3. Get maximum efficiency for vetting new products and technologies
  4. Gain critical insights into key market intelligence and trends
For more information, contact Brion Palmer at 412-944-0080, email

Contractor Feedback from Prior
“Connect” Events

“Being able to meet with everybody at dinner and over cocktails has been great. The panel discussion was also quite interesting, learning new things and getting some perspective from the suppliers’ side and those from the applicating side and contractors having similar thoughts on issues, was good to see be aired out and talked about.”
John Jacob, Commercial Division Manager, Hester Painting & Decorating

“Loved the networking! Being able to meet companies from around the U.S. and hearing about the similar issues they run into and learning from them.”
Jeremy Barrett, Estimator/Project Manager, Siegner and Company

“Great experience. I enjoyed networking with the different reps and discussing new equipment and technologies.”
David Lesco, Regional President, Axios Industrial Maintenance Contractors, Inc.

“The event increased my awareness and understanding of the vendors who attended, resulting in new friendships and professional relationships. Now we’ll focus on setting up the participating suppliers as preferred vendors.”
Dave Odnokon, Vice President, Park Derochie Canada