Commercial Contractor Connect Agenda

Commercial Contractor Connect Agenda to Come

Feedback from Industrial Contractor Connect Sponsors (Suppliers)

“We didn’t think we needed help to talk to customers, but Contractor Connect was more cost-effective than us doing our own event. We gained valuable insight on what was important to the contractor, strengthened relationships, and learned about new opportunities. We’ve sponsored every year since.”
Doni Riddle, The Sherwin-Williams Company

“Contractor Connect is a great event for PPG. The networking and one-on-one meetings with the contractors are extremely valuable; we closed business as a direct result.”
Scott Doering, PPG

“You told me this would be a great event. You undersold it. It is a fabulous event. Let’s do it again.”
Chase Bean, President, Tnemec Company to Brion Palmer, CEO, TPC

“Much better than the interaction you get at a trade show.”
Eric Rennerfeldt, Graco Inc.

“Contractor Connect 1 was great. Connect 2 was better, and Connect 3 even better. I look forward to 4. Outstanding event!”
Kevin Coleman, Wagner-Titan

Feedback from Industrial Contractor Connect Contractors (Buyers)

“The event increased my awareness and understanding of the vendors who attended, resulting in new friendships and professional relationships. Now we’ll focus on setting up the participating suppliers as preferred vendors.”
Dave Odnokon, Vice President, Park Derochie Canada

“Great experience. I enjoyed networking with the different reps and discussing new equipment and technologies.”
Alicia Riley McCuller, Owner and Contract Administrator, Riley Industrial Services

“World-class. The event was without a doubt one of the best venues for suppliers and end users to get to know one another.”
Jerrod Monaghan, CEO, Metalizing Technical Services

“Much better than the interaction you get at a trade show.”
David Lesco, Regional President, Axios Industrial Maintenance Contractors, Inc.

“I believe this was something that money cannot buy.”
Mark Hueslein, President, Hitech Painting