Coating Petrochemical Facilities: A Matter of Time

From JPCL, July 2019

By Peter Bock, Performance Polymers Americas LLC

In this editorial compilation, Peter Bock looks back on his tenure as a coating specialist in the oil and gas industry in “Coating Petrochemical Facilities: A Matter of Time.” Articles from the JPCL archives are also excerpted incuding: “When Undercover Agents Can’t Stand the Heat: Coatings in Action and the Netherworld of Corrosion Under Insulation” by Dr. Mike O’Donoghue, Vijay Datta, et al.; “Tips on Lining Aboveground Storage Tank Bottoms” by Bob Hummel of The Sherwin-Williams Company and “Polyurea ‘Loose’ Liners: A Floating Fix for Cracked Concrete Secondary Containment” by Kristin Leonard, Bechtel Corp....

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Tagged categories: Chemical Plants; Coating performance; Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI); JPCL 35th Anniversary; Mike O'Donoghue; Paint application; Peter Bock; Petrochemical Plants; Polyurea; Program/Project Management; Surface preparation; Tank interiors; Tanks; Vijay Datta

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