PPE Requirements for Polyurethanes Versus Non-Isocyanate Coatings: Is There Really a Difference?

From JPCL, June 2019

By Leah K. Tipton, KTA-Tator, Inc.

The word isocyanate on a product label or safety data sheet might prompt the selection of an alternative coating and in some cases, facility owners and/or contractors have reportedly been reluctant to specify/use polyurethane coatings, based upon a belief that coatings containing isocyanates have more stringent personal protective equipment requirements than those for application of coatings that do not contain isocyanates. This article describes a study conducted to investigate this belief and determine if recommended PPE requirements differ between polyurethane and non-isocyanate containing coatings....

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Tagged categories: hazardous materials; Health & Safety; Isocyanate; Personal protective equipment; Polyurethane

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